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Sometimes life is hard and sometimes it seems like it is harder than it needs to be.

Do you spend your days feeling like life is a battle to be fought or barely holding it together?

Do you often feel disconnected from yourself and those around you, disappointed, discouraged, or worried about the future?

If you have found your way here, you may know that there needs to be a change. Perhaps you have a good idea about what the problem is or maybe you aren’t quite sure. Even if everything looks good on paper, your instincts say otherwise. It’s not like you haven’t tried, quite the opposite, you’ve probably tried lots of things. It is a big step to ask for help.

Maybe people have brushed aside your concerns- saying “it’s a phase” or offering well-meaning, but uninformed advice.

You may have convinced yourself that it’s not that bad, that other people have been through worse, or that this is just how life is.

Perhaps there has been a loss, a change, or an experience that is keeping you from feeling at home with yourself and your family.

Working with a therapist means forming a new kind of relationship. Therapy is where your story can be told in a safe place, where you can find new ways of being, and learn how to move beyond the stuck places in life.

Hello, I’m Marissa Ezell, a Roswell-based clinical social worker who works with children and adults using the transformative powers of play and connection. I have training and experience in supporting healthy relationships and creating a safe space for healing. I utilize the latest research on trauma, neuroscience, and attachment to help people meet challenges with more confidence and contentment.

When you work with me you will find a place where you can be real. We can explore and try on new ideas and ways of being. We can be brave and look at the hard parts of your life. Of course, we will recognize all the good parts too. We will create an environment of safety and trust so that exploration and creation can be ignited even in the darkest of places.

I believe that people are not just a collection of symptoms and disorders, but that problems are a representation of one’s best efforts to meet and adapt to human experience. I want to help you uncover and heal the parts and patterns that no longer work for you. I want you to feel the ease and joy that life can bring each moment. I want to help you shift perspectives so that stumbling blocks seem more like stepping stones.

It can be difficult to see your child struggle to meet expectations at home, school, and with their peers. It can be even harder to support a child who usually seems sensitive, reactive, resistant, shut-down, or worried. Help is available so that your child can cope, thrive, and have fun.

Sometimes it is just too much to handle. The world keeps on moving, but you feel stuck in place, racing to keep up, changing to fit in, or avoiding it all together. That takes a lot of energy, so you really haven’t spent time exploring who you are or who you’d like to be. Let’s find out together.

This isn’t the way you imagined things. You keep thinking about the different turning points and connections that brought you here. The picture of how it is supposed to be seems almost out of reach. You can’t change the beginning of your story, but you can write a new chapter.

Are you ready to get started?
Do you have a few questions?

Either way, I’d love to hear from you!

Give me a call or send an email to schedule a brief free consultation. In the meantime, you can check out the About pages for more details about working with me and how I can help. Or head over to the Information page for answers to common questions.

Please note that this brief call is not therapy and is provided mainly to help potential clients make the best decisions about their care. If you are in crisis or need immediate help please call the Georgia Crisis Access Line at 1 – 800 – 715 – 4225